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The dark night of the soul is death in the midst of life.

My cat weighs about ten pounds. I'm still a little hungry.

Few people are free from cares.

I'm fortunate compared to him.

Why do we need to find them? Swedish is easy. Have you shown Wolfgang the new book you bought? She put down her thoughts on paper. Kristi can't come to school tomorrow. What's Suyog's brother's name? That factory is for the manufacture of computers.

How much for the night? The first time, I spoke pretty much no Chinese at all, and didn't understand China's conventions and customs. Thanks for the call. Martha grows tomatoes and lettuce in his garden. If you don't find me attractive enough, then just say so. Come give mommy a kiss. What is it you want most? Many trains pass through the old stone tunnel. I do as little as I can to get by.

We live in a globalized world.

Hold your head high. There is no charge. I've discussed my concerns with Conrad. I am very pleased to see you again. He doesn't need to know. Who tried to kill him? They split up after a year of marriage. All the boys went away. Carlos has many friends in Boston.

I can be assertive if necessary. He will be able to do the work soon. Kit is fast asleep. George was livid! What are you looking at? He told us such a funny story that we all laughed. Hitoshi has a lot of great ideas.

That decision, in turn, was affected by the geological structure of the hill itself. Joseph stinks at chemistry. Leora is just scared, that's all. We didn't see her.

You're exercising. It isn't cheap enough for me to buy. Deirdre has changed quite a lot. Ramneek told me not to open that door. This band defines Korean screamo. This rice cooker uses fuzzy logic.

Please don't cry again. Betty laid herself on the bed. Theater attendance usually falls off in summer. She listened very carefully when I praised her son. Maybe I'll give it a try. I'll get the door. Put the cap back on the bottle in case the cat knocks it over. How could you let Spencer go? You need to put a period at the end of a sentence.

I don't have an answer at this time. Unbelievable cultural decline, stupendous ignorance, idealistic rubbish, and obscurantism find their strongest support among American reactionaries. Is there any good way to memorise our lines quickly?